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I started playing the guitar at the age of ten, and had three different
professors teaching me classical guitar during my music studies: Jose Bacelar,
Terry Waterhouse and Juan De Dios.
I started playing the electric guitar when I was thirteen. Through the few lessons he gave me,
Peter Kimberley, a member of the British band Bachdenkel, opened my eyes to a specific vision
of music: he conveyed me to a sense of the experimental, of the progressive, of an art that could
be dark in its making. This played a huge part in my artistic development.
A spirit akin to the one prevailing during the 1970s lead me to experiment a lot (for better or
worse, but that didn.t really matter) within the various bands I played in from the 1990s onwards.
The guitarists that influenced me the most are: Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Franck Zappa, Doug Aldrich,
Ingwie Malmsteen, Ritchie Blackmore, Carlos Santana, John Mac Laughlin, Jake E.Lee, Tommy Bolin,
Patrick Rondat, Steve Morse and Guthrie Govan.
The bands that made the biggest impression on me are: Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Genesis, Franck Zappa
and the Mothers of Invention, Mister Bungle, Anathema, Porcupine Tree, David Bowie, Queen, Santana, SOAD,
Deep Purple, Whitesnake, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Korn.
I have also great affinities with the gothic trend: its aesthetics, literature, and various artistic
experiences represent an important and (to me) unfairly unacknowledged movement of European creation.
I am currently living in Paris, France.